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About Us

Principal: Kurt Roberts

Assistant Principal: Tony Pullen

Athletic Director: Mack Thompson

Current enrollment: 718

High School Mascot: Flaming Hearts


Effingham High School has approximately 718 students enrolled in grades 9-12. We are in the process of establishing foundational truths that give us guidance in all that we do.


These truths include:

Caring about students and staff builds necessary relationships for learning

Mutual respect for everyone is required for a positive learning experience and healthy culture

Being present and engaged is required for success

Time spent at Effingham High School is valuable and important

Quality and timeliness of work is important to the development of skill and character

All people must feel safe and secure for optimum learning to occur


We are committed to provide a number of different opportunities for students to explore their different interests, and then provide opportunities to do advanced skill work in areas of particular interest to a student. 


These programs of study include:

Dual Credit: 23 classes that offer students opportunity for Dual Credit in Math, English Science, Business, History and Career and Technical Education

Certifications: In Health Occupations and Child and Day Care programs

CEO: Entrepreneurship

CTEC: Construction trades program

Upper Level courses: Anatomy, Chemistry II, Physics, Psychology, Accounting, four years of foreign language (Spanish and French), Advanced Art, Wind Ensemble

Coop Education: Cooperative work program between the school and local businesses where our students work

Ag Classes: Our students are able to take agriculture classes offered at other area schools

Tech/computer class: Web Design, MultiMedia, adding multiple computer classes in the fall of 2024

Graphic arts and design: Culminating into a print “business” run by students

HeartBeats Cafe: Student-run cafe inside Effingham High School


We know that it is incredibly important for students to feel like they belong. To that end we strive to provide a number of different opportunities in a wide range of interests for our students to engage in “extracurricular” activities. This includes sports, the arts, activity clubs, and social events.


We have also made a commitment to develop a sense for serving others.  This can be seen directly through our National Honor Society and required Civics Hours for all senior students, and it can be seen indirectly through our activity clubs who donate their time and talent and raise funds for charities. Our staff donates “Friday Jeans” money every quarter to a different cause or charity.


We designed, printed and gave every staff member and student a t-shirt with the following printed on the back.

We have the HEART to make a difference - Effingham High School


At Effingham High School, we believe that education is more than just academics; it's about embracing diversity, building lasting friendships, and cultivating leadership skills that will empower students to make a positive impact on their world. Students at EHS have the opportunity to take part in 23 different dual credit courses, produce award winning theatre shows, earn athletic scholarships to major universities, and are awarded over 1 million dollars in academic scholarships annually. 

ACT/SAT Information


Effingham High School and Effingham Unit 40 are excited to offer to all Effingham High School students a free ACT/SAT Preparation service.

Effingham Unit 40 has purchased the Better Prep Success (https://betterprepsuccess.com/) from Jason Franklin, a well-known and successful ACT/SAT test prep instructor. The program is offered in a series of online videos students can use to prep for either the ACT or SAT.

Better Prep Success is an ACT/SAT test preparation opportunity that is strictly voluntary for students. In the sign-up process, participants will be asked to supply an email account. Students should use their Effingham Unit 40 (@unit40.org) school email address. Always exercise care when sharing or submitting personal data online.

Students must submit a Google form to gain access to these online videos. To complete the
Google form,
● Go to https://ehs.unit40.org
● Under EHS in the navigation bar, expand the menu and choose Student Services. Under
“Resources & Links”, click the “Better Prep Success Access Form”.
● Complete the form.
● After submitting the form, the student will click on the link for instructions to access the
test prep materials.
We hope that this is a great resource for students as they prepare for their academic future.