Welcome to Effingham High School!

Welcome to Effingham High School

Effingham High School is a learning environment that differs from other high schools. We are engrossed every day in innovation, excitement, energy, and celebration. From the classroom to the theatre to the athletic fields, the staff and students are on fire for their school and community. Our teachers are recognized locally, nationally, and internationally for their innovative teaching practices.

Students at Effingham High School have the opportunity to take part in 23 different dual credit courses, produce award winning theatre shows, earn athletic scholarships to major universities, and are awarded over 1 million dollars in academic scholarships annually.

What's New?

Effingham High School Senior Celebration

May 31st at 2:00 p.m.


Effingham High School is still planning to have a traditional commencement ceremony on July 19th 2020. We recognize the significance of the original Graduation date of May 31, 2020; therefore EHS has planned a Senior Celebration for all of our graduating Seniors.  We also understand that some of our graduating seniors may not be able to attend in July for various reasons (leaving the area, military, etc.).  Therefore, we plan to provide a celebration for our graduating Seniors on May 31st at 2:00 p.m. at Effingham High School.


  • We will ask our graduating seniors to be stationed in our student parking behind their vehicles in cap and gown.

  • We would then allow family and community members wanting to show support or celebrate the graduating seniors to drive a designated route through the parking lot and show support to the seniors as they drive by. (cheering, etc.)

  • After the community has left (2:30 p.m. estimated) students would be provided an opportunity to pick up their diploma and have their picture taken (EHS will provide photographer).


IMPORTANT: The only way that this celebration is being allowed is if everyone follows the guidelines.  This event is about celebrating our EHS Graduates.  In respect to them and this event we ask everyone attending to follow the guidelines provided.  Social distancing regulation must be adhered to at all times.


For the Graduate and Families

     Seniors should arrive to the High School parking lot at 1:50 p.m. (being on time is very important in this).   It is encouraged that a family member drive the graduate.  Each senior will be directed to park in a specific parking space.  Students must park in the space in which they are directed.  Students need to arrive from the Grove Avenue entrance. (north side)


  • At 2:00 p.m. Graduates stand behind their cars.

  • Students cannot group together for photos or any other reasons.

  • At 2:35 p.m. (estimation of when the parade ends) students will return to their vehicles.

  • Staff will direct each student to leave their parking space individually.  Please do not back out of your parking space until you have been directed to do so. 

  • Student vehicles will be directed to drive through to pick up their diplomas and get a picture taken individually.  (If a student does not wish to wait for their diploma/picture they may pick up their diploma at EHS on Monday, June 1st from 9-12.)

  • The graduate will exit the vehicle, pick up their diploma and have their picture taken.

  • EHS will provide each graduate one (1) 5x7 picture at no charge.  Extra pictures will be available for purchase if the family desires.

  • Only the graduating student may exit the vehicle. It is anticipated that the diploma pick-up and picture process will take approximately one (1) minute per graduate and we expect to have around 150 graduates.  We apologize for the length of time restriction, but we are trying to accommodate for all graduates. 

  • Family members (only) would be allowed to be in the car with the graduate.

  • Family members would need to remain in the vehicle.



For the Community and Families (Required Guidelines)

     The community will be invited to drive by the graduates and celebrate their accomplishments.

  • The flow of traffic will start at the north entrance from Grove Ave; wind through the student parking lot and exit out to Route 40 at the south entrance.  We ask that everyone turn right (onto Rt. 40 – which is west) when leaving as a means of maintaining a steady flow of traffic.

  • No community members or family will be allowed to park or get out of their cars.

  • Please do not start entering the school parking lot or lining up to enter the parking lot prior to 2:00 p.m. as we will be parking our graduates up to 2:00 p.m.


     The EHS Senior Celebration is a voluntary event for all graduates.  If the Graduate chooses not to participate on May 31st, they may pick up their diploma at Effingham High School Monday June 1st between 9 am -12pm.


This event does not replace the planned July 19th traditional graduation.


Social distancing regulation must be adhered to at all times.



Respectfully Submitted,


Kurt B. Roberts

Effingham High School Principal

Effingham Unit #40 Guidelines for determining Pass or Incomplete grades 6-12


For Effingham High School (9-12) determining a Pass/incomplete for 2nd Semester 2019-2020


Figuring a 4th quarter pass/incomplete


This is not a representation of mastery of skill, but student engagement, completion and participation.


PASS A student will be considered passing if they engage and complete assignments to a standard of 60% or higher.  


Incomplete: A student will be considered incomplete if they engage and complete assignments at 59% or lower.



Figuring final semester grade:


Each quarter will be given a 1 or a 0 and the quarters will be averaged.   .5 will round up


3rd quarter grades       Passing grade =1   Failing grade equals=0


4th quarter grades       Passing grade =1    Incomplete =0


                A semester average of .5 or higher will be considered passing.


Students who receive a semester grade of incomplete will be given the opportunity the complete 4th quarter work in order to raise their 4th quarter engagement/participation level in each class to a 60% in order to receive passing credit for the second semester. This work must be completed by June 30, 2020.