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Visitors/Bussing/Parent Pickup & Dropoff

Except under special circumstances, no one is allowed to visit teachers or students during school hours. Guests may park in the lot marked "visitors" near the Cafeteria entrance and enter through the Daytime Entrance.  For the safety of our students and staff, visitors going beyond the main office must be expected by the staff person they are going to see, are required to sign in, and must wear a visitor's badge.
Bussing for all Effingham High School students is available both to and from school.  Bussing will be provided as close as possible to the student's home, but only at designated drop off points.  To register for bussing for your student, or for any bussing questions, please contact the Unit 40 Bus Depot at 217-540-1491.
Parent Drop Off
Parents are welcome to drop off their students at Effingham High School before school via the circle drive outside the Cafeteria, or at the Southwest corner of the building via the Route 40 parking lot entrance, as long as that drop off does not interfere with the normal operations of the school buses.  During the school day, students being dropped off must come into the school through the Daytime Entrance next to the Cafeteria.  The student must check in with the school attendance secretary prior to being released to class.  Parent sign-in of the student is not required, but if the student is coming from an appointment, then a doctor's note must be provided to the office in order for their absence to be considered "Doctor Excused".
Parent Pickup
Parents picking up their students during the school day must call into the Effingham High School attendance secretary, 217-540-1100, and give verbal consent that the student can leave the school premises.  Or, parents can come into the school office through the Daytime Entrance to pick up their student.  After school, to avoid the waiting line of school buses, the Parent Pick Up Line is at the Southwest corner of the High School.  Parents enter the parking lot from Route 40 and line up.  Students will come out of the building when the final bell rings at 2:50 pm.