Driver's Education

Driver's Education Frequently Asked Questions

When is Driver’s Education classroom?

Class is held during the 1st & 3rd quarters of the school year

Behind the Wheel instruction meets in front of the gymnasium doors when scheduled during the student's PE or study hall.

Students meet by the driver education vans when scheduled after school or during the summer.

When will students be enrolled in Driver’s Education classroom?

Students are typically enrolled in Driver Education during the semester of their 15th birthday.

How many hours of Driver Education do students need?

The state requires students to receive a minimum of 30 clock hours of classroom instruction and a minimum of 6 clock hours of behind the wheel instruction. Behind the wheel instruction must be taught by a certified Driver Education instructor. 

What are the eligibility requirements in order to take Driver Education?

Each student must be enrolled in high school and must have received a passing grade in at least eight courses during the previous two semesters. The semester of the driver education course does not count. If the student is a freshman, the school district may count passing grades for the last semester to the students eighth grade school year.  

How does a student Receive his or her instructional permit?

Students will take the written and vision test required to obtain their instructional permit. Students take the written test during class within the first couple of weeks of class. Once the test is passed, the students will receive an application for their permit.  The application is taken to the DMV.  The students will need to take their certified birth certificate, the application and $20 with them to the DMV to get their permit.  The $20 fee also takes care of their first drivers license. 

How long must a student have their permit before receiving their license?

Students must obtain their instructional permit for a minimum of 9 months before they are eligible to apply for their driver's license.

How do students sign-up for Behind the Wheel Instruction?

Students are automatically signed up for Behind the Wheel Instruction once they complete all the requirements for Driver’s Education classroom. Students will drive either during PE, study hall, after school or during the summer. The order that students will drive for each hour is based on birth date. Please note this means a younger kid in 3rd hour could drive before an older kid in 4th hour because they are the oldest for that hour. Younger students may drive after school before an older kid if they will not be driven during the day, keeping in mind the older student will be driven in class before their 16th birthday.  Students $150 driver’s education fee must be paid before students will be scheduled to drive.

As part of the licensing process, are teens required to drive a certain amount of hours with an adult before they are allowed to receive their license?

Yes. The state requires that a student under 18 years of age complete 50 hours of practice driving, this includes 10 hours of nighttime driving. The law requires a parent or legal guardian to provide written consent at the time of application for the student's driver's license verifying these hours were met. The student must drive with a responsible person 21 years or older that holds a valid drivers license.  Students can begin driving as soon as they have their permit.  They can drive anywhere in the state of Illinois as well as any other state.

Driving logs

How do I check to see if my student's high school has submitted his/her completion of Driver Education and the information has been approved by the Secretary of State's office?

The Student's permit number should be typed in the space available. If the completion information has been submitted by the student's high school and uploaded to the Secretary of State's Office (without errors), the screen will indicate that the student is approved to get his or her license. Please remember that this only indicates if the completion information has been submitted and approved. The student still has to hold his or her permit for the required time. Please check this at least a week prior to your son or daughter getting their license.

What will I need to bring with me when I go to get my driver's license?

  • 50 hour log sheet signed
  • Instructional Permit
  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Parent Consent Form
  • Two forms of proof of residency (Mail, high school transcript)
  • Behind the Wheel Test Form (If you were eligible to test with an instructor)

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